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Monthly Beach Cleanups / Membership Drives
Each month we host a booth at South Mission Beach and give people and companies the opportunity to clean up the beach area. We actively recruit volunteers to help at the booth, hand out information about the nonprofit and our projects and cleanup. Email us today to volunteer yourself, your group and/or your company as a fun team building event! See our calendar for dates and additional activities we may be offering each month. 
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SMB 14 Beach Volleyball Courts
Since 2002, SD BIG has been raising money to purchase nets, hardware, lines and paint to develop this sports facility into a haven for beach volleyball players. 
A special thanks to Bert Collins, Larry Terbell and Alfredo Vejar, who’ve been instrumental with hands-on maintenance and working with the City of San Diego and Parks and Rec for flattening the courts and making it the special place where you don't have to spend time set up/break down....  you just get to bring your balls and water and play all day long! Learn more on our beach volleyball page.
NEW: We are pleased to announce that we have a new beach volleyball manager, Joshua Daguman from Life’s a Beach Volleyball Club.
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SMB Basketball Court
Tribute Event to Bill Walton’s 25th Year with South Mission Beach Sports Park and Refurbishing the Basketball Court in 2022.

Bill Walton has been playing on this basketball court since the 1960s. His love and dedication to sports and the South Mission Beach Sports park has been unmeasurable. Ultimately in 1997, he spearheaded a group to work with Parks & Rec and the City of San Diego to refurbish the basketball court and install 14 beach volleyball courts. In 2009, SD BIG helped to get the basketball court repaired and refinished and in 2019, it was time to repair the main center crack that you see here and in 2022, we partnered with Veniceball, Project Backboard and Matchpoint to create a beautiful design. Read full storing on our basketball page.

NEW: We are pleased to announce that we have a new basketball court manager, Orrin Johnson.

Basketball court at South Mission Beach Basketball court at South Mission Beach Basketball court at South Mission Beach Basketball court at South Mission Beach Basketball court at South Mission Beach

 Match Point Project BackBoard Hoopbus Venice Ball

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Painting Utility Boxes Along Mission Beach Blvd
SD BIG works with and manages several artist to remove graffiti and paint beautiful beach concepts on the utility boxes along Mission Beach Blvd. To support these beautification projects, see our Donate/Membership page to see how you can help! Artists get a small donation from the Mission Beach Town Council for supplies. If you'd like to become an artist, please email us at BIGKahuna@SanDiegoBIG.org.
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NEW: SMB Landscape, Bathroom & Parking Lot Rejuvenation
We are currently asking for community and visitor input, ideas and requests to update the landscaping, redo the bathrooms and resurface the parking lot. If you visit South Mission Beach often and enjoy the area, please take OUR SURVEY! Help us get 1000 people to send in feedback and share the survey link!
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NEW: Beach Volleyball Facility
Beach volleyball is growing FAST! With a multitude of Meetup Groups, VOLO, High Schools, Junior Colleges and Colleges plus long-standing players our beach volleyball community is growing. This is impacting the beaches and community to the point where it is necessary to start searching for a place to build out a bigger facility. If you are interested in this project please email us.
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Other Projects
We often partner with I Love a Clean San Diego for beach clean ups and the Mission Beach Town Council for beautification projects. 
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Sponsors enjoy promotions and opportunities to be highlighted in various ways throughout the year at our events as well as through our marketing efforts with eNewsletters, social media, press releases and more. We will keep you posted on our progress and appreciate your generous contributions and help to keep our beaches beautiful and well-maintained! Learn about sponsorship opportunities.