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South Mission Beach is home to 14 beach volleyball courts. These courts were initially installed in 1997 with the help of Bruk Vandeweghe, several volleyball enthusiasts and Bill Walton. Since. 2002, SD BIG has been raising money to provide this facility with year-round access to beach volleyball for all ages, abilities and income level. We serve over 55,000 people annually from beginners to professional beach volleyball players. A special thanks to Bert Collins, Larry Terbell and Alfredo Vejar, who’ve been instrumental over the years with hands-on maintenance and coordinating with Parks & Rec to flatten the sand on a regular basis! This project requires approximately $3000-6000 annually.
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 raising money for beach volleyball in San Diego

Let's build a new beach volleyball facility in San Diego!

Beach volleyball is a fast-growing sport here in San Diego. Our 2022 goal is to raise $14,000 ($1000 per court) and work on the opportunities to fulfill this goal. 
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Each court will have a fundraising goal of $1000. Raise $200 and get super cool swag including a beach volleyball towel and t-shirt/tank top. Raise $1000 and get your initials or your Meetup Groups initials painted on the pole for the 2022 year. See our progress below.
Get involved by TAKING THE SURVEY to give your feedback on what you want at the new facility. Volunteer to get on the team and let's work together to make this happen. Submit your resumé to or donate today!
 San Diego BIG volleyball courts 
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Donate to SD BIG nonprofit and our efforts in general or choose a specific projects that you want to support. We love your input and feedback and often hear that you want to know exactly where the money goes. We are actively seeking sponsorships and grants to help us with keeping the lights on and a percentage of all donations do help us do this but our goal is to make sure that most of the money goes towards the projects you care about!
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Sponsors enjoy promotions and opportunities to be highlighted in various ways throughout the year at our events as well as through our marketing efforts with eNewsletters, social media, press releases and more. Nonprofit organizations with the 501(c)(3) designation may be allowed to place their company name on the beach volleyball nets as an added perk with their donation (limited opportunity). We will keep you posted on our progress and appreciate your generous contributions and help to keep our beaches beautiful and well-maintained! Learn more.