Public Art at the Beach

Welcome to SD BIG's Public Art Page
These are our beautification projects. Currently, we are working on painting utility boxes in the Mission Beach area. We have a great group of artists with different levels of talent and how they implement good vibrations and beach/ocean themes. Check out some of the highlights below!
We'd like to make a shout out to the Mission Beach Town Council
for contributing to this project and of course each of our artists:

Laura Hendrickson (Project Manager/Lead Artist)

Laura Hendrickson Artist Murals Paintings Mermaid mural painting Laura Hendrickson Artist Mural Dolphins Mural Art Beach Scene


Tina Verburgt

Tina Verburgt-Artist Murals San Diego
Tina Verburgt-Palm trees mission bay art mural
Tina Verburgt-aquarium art mural

Tina Verburgt-Octopus Art

 Catherine Viani

Catherine Viani-Artist Murals San Diego Catherine Viani-Mermaid art mural san diego Catherine Viani-Dog art at the beach mural Catherine Viani-Marlin Art beach mural

 Whitney Warren

Whitney Warren-Artist murals san diego Whitney Warren-Merman art mural Whitney Warren-Coronado bridge art mural Whitney Warren-Sea Turtle art mural


More Art!

Abeeha Awan - Birds of Paradise bouquet flower art muralAbeeha Awan - Flowers

Alia Ally-Good Vibes Art MuralAlia Ally - Good Vibes Only

Madiee Tomsic - Roller Skates art muralMadiee Tomsic - Roller Skates

Tina Verurgt - Lobster art muralTina Verurgt - Lobster

To request being an artist, please email us at and submit samples of your artwork.