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We are now recruiting volunteers to join San Diego Beach Improvement Group. We are looking for individuals that want to learn and grow with our nonprofit to create great experiences at the beach.

These are non-paid volunteer positions that give you an opportunity to prove your chops and track your results for each roll. All jobs are currently requiring anywhere from 2-5 hours per week – we like to keep things light and fun and because of COVID-19, we are heavily restricted on events and activities. 2020 is dedicated to developing each position, building relationships and building out team for each division: Events, Business, Marketing, Projects & People. 

Below is a list of the positions we are seeking to fill. Please submit your inquiries and resume to

President: Laura Hendrickson
    President Assistant (Emails, Coordination, Errands)
Executive Director (Nonprofit Strategist, Community Liason)
Vice President (Community Liason, Oversees Event & Project Directors)
Treasurer (Money Manager & Financial Reports)
Secretary: Julie Chan
Community Relations Director/PR: Karen Haze

Event Manager (Coordinates with President & Sports Directors)
City Coordinator (Liason, Oversee Permits and City Relations)
Sponsor Relations (Sales, AE, Booth Coordinator, Prizes, Silent Auction Org)
Player Relations (Liason, Recruiter, Surveys & Relations)
Food Coordinator (Oversee all food vendors, Costco Runner, Booth Manager)
Entertainment (Stage Coordinator, Event MC, Entertainment Manager)
Health / Emergency Team (Health Booth at events, Medical/Injury Assistant)
Tournament Directors - Volleyball: Mark Antis (Manage each division and all players for main event tournaments)
Tournament Directors - Basketball: Shane Masek (Manage each division and all players for main event tournaments)

Financial Director (Recruit & Manage Grant Writers, Manage Member Director, Review and Report with Treasurer)
Business Analyst (Operations Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Help us grow)
Grant Writer (Manage all Grant applications and follow up)
Bookkeeper (Track all numbers, Do reports, Find new ways to make money)

Marketing Director (Strategist for Brand, Website & Team Manager)
Sales Manager - Sponsorships & Affiliates (Sales & Relationship Development)
Brand Director (Awareness, Grow our #s, Reputation Management, PR)
Website Manager (Maintenance, SEO, Mobile, Landing Page & Conversions)
Social Media/Cause Marketing (Content Development, Implementation & Engagement)
Content Writer (Monthly blog and social media content writing)
Graphics (Monthly imagery for website, newsletter, blogs and social media + apparel designs)
Collateral Distribution: Amy Wong (Distribute event collateral, Business Cards + Other Errands)

Project Director (Oversee and manage all projects, Progress Reporting & Community Liason)
Project Manager - Utility Boxes (Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Reports)
Project Manager - Landscaping (Manage, Volunteer Coordinator, Reports)
Project Manager - Beach Volleyball (Manage, Volunteer Coordinator, Reports)
   Beach Volleyball Equipment Director: Alfredo
   Beach Volleyball Equipment: Larry Terbell
   Other Volleyball Helpers: James Yelich, Carissa Whalen, Hash Ismail, Nikko Sera
Fundraising: WishPond

HR Director: Johann Rodriguez
HR Recruiter: Tony Maolina
Volunteer Coordinator (Event Volunteer Manager & Relations)
Social Director (Member recruiter, Liason, Member Relations & Testimonials)
Community Director (Business Liason & Relations)
Membership Director - Volleyball: Nikko Sera
Beach Cleanup Manager (Recruit groups for beach cleanups, Help manage volunteers on cleanup days, Follow up with volunteers for membership)

JOIN OUR TEAM! Email us today with your resume at