• Vincere Sand Socks

Vincere Sand Socks


Jump higher and move faster in Sand Socks, designed to Enhance an Athlete's Performance while playing beach volleyball, soccer and other sand sports on hot, cold or wet sand. They give a barefoot feel and improve traction and balance. Olympic, professional and casual athletes have been using Sand Socks for fifteen years. The Sand Socks 3mm neoprene bottoms conform to the shape of your foot and protect the soles of your feet. The Spandex breathable uppers keep sand out and provide 50+ UV protection. The 2mm Neoprene toe and heel guards provide additional protection against rash and blistering. The Sand Socks adjustable hook and loop closure holds the socks up around the ankles. VINCERE Sports uses only high-quality four-way stretch Spandex and the best threads from the dive-and-wetsuit industries in the manufacturing of the Socks. VINCERE employ 4-needle locking flat stitch using 6 threads for additional reliability.

You can wear Sand Socks alone or under shoes and sandals. They are designed for use on sand or in the water and will offer protection from small rocks, thistles and mud. They are not intended for use on asphalt or concrete surfaces. Wear under shoes or sandals if walking on sidewalks, hard surfaces or textured pool decks.

Color: Black only.

Warranty: VINCERE Sports warranties against all defects in material and workmanship. VINCERE Sports accepts returns up to 30 days from date of purchase of this purpose for immediate replacement.

Vincere Sand Socks Soft Soled Booties Features

  • Designed to Enhance Athlete's Performance while Playing Beach Volleyball, Soccer and other Sand Sports on Hot, Cold or Wet Sand
  • Lightweight with Flexible, but Durable Sole
  • Provide Balance, Grip, and Feel
  • Gives a Barefoot Feel and Improve Traction and Balance
  • 3mm Neoprene Bottoms Conform to Shape of Foot and Protect-the-Soles of Feet
  • Spandex Breathable Uppers Keeps Sand-Out and Provide 50+ UV Protection
  • 2mm Neoprene Toe and Heel Guards: Provide Additional-Protection Against Rash and Blistering
  • Adjustable Hook and Loop Closure Holds-the-Socks-Up Around-the-Ankles
  • High Quality Four-Way Stretch Spandex
  • Best Threads from Dive-and-Wetsuit Industries
  • 4-Needle Locking Flat Stitch using 6-Threads for Additional-Reliability
  • Wear Sand Socks Alone-or-Under Shoes and Sandals
  • Designed for Use on Sand or in the Water
  • Offer-Protection from Small Rocks, Thistles and Mud
  • 30 Day Limited Warranty