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Volunteer for San Diego Beach Improvement Group and growing the sport of beach volleyball in San Diego

Do community service at the beach for beach volleyballBUILDING OUR BOARD
We currently have several positions available. Job commitments are a 2 to 10 hour commitment per month . Our goal is to create a strong team of people and focus only on the maintenance of the sports facility at South Mission Beach. Applications are available (CLICK IMAGE TO RIGHT)
and candidates will be reviewed and given the opportunity to present themselves at our next meeting.

Please mail applications to:
San Diego BIG
9974 Scripps Ranch Blvd. #530
San Diego, CA 92131

San Diego BIG Board of Directors:
President: Recruit and manage team that helps take care of volleyball and basketball facility at South Mission Beach. Management experience required.
Ryan McGuire-I first played league volleyball when I was ten, in my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. For the past ten years, I have been playing volleyball all over the US and in multiple countries.  I can honestly say I moved here because of the volleyball community that exists around the posts, nets and lines provided by B.I.G.  I visited and saw that the nets at gorgeous South Mission Beach provided a haven for all the talented players here.  I decided it was going to be my new home, made the move, and I still love it!  I would love an opportunity to give back to the community by presiding over this organization.
     I am currently working as a contractor and pursuing my masters in Design Engineering. My work experience varies and extends back to when I was 16 working as a cashier. Since then I have worked as a dishwasher, server, model, landscaper, camp counselor, teacher in a foreign country, bartender, and project engineer.  These past positions have instilled me with an impeccable work ethic that allows me to manage complex projects with critical deadlines while working with the larger team. 
     I believe that if we elect a strong attentive board, this organization will grow and progress, enriching our experience and the community around us.  Giving others a chance to experience volleyball as a sport, community, and way of life.

Membership/Vice President:Responsible for growing and servicing San Diego (BIG) member base, developing campaigns to grow and retain members, implementing membership projects and managing the processing of membership fees.
Phillip Yeung

Sponsorship: Responsible for seeking out new Sponsors as well as maintaining the relationships with past supporters. Good networking skills required.

Jay DeSchaaf - Greetings, and welcome to San Diego Beach Improvement Group!  Here in San Diego we have so much to be thankful for in terms of our weather, our beautiful sandy beaches, and our top-notch sports facilities and equipment. For those of us who are beach volleyball players, we can certainly appreciate the unique privilege afforded by the many courts here in Mission Beach. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have worked to develop and maintain these facilities, and we now have an opportunity to do our part to build upon this tradition of excellence.
    How do we create a thriving San Diego B.I.G. so that we and others (along with future generations) can enjoy volleyball and other recreational activities around our beautiful coastline and bay? A first priority will be ensuring the sustainability of B.I.G. as an organization so that we ensure the continued enjoyment of the fantastic facilities we have today. Secondly, an effective board will need to lay out a vision for future growth - and this includes exciting opportunities for new volleyball and recreational sites throughout San Diego beach communities.
    I bring to B.I.G. a business background that includes an undergraduate Marketing and a graduate M.B.A. degree, along with over 10 years in corporate leadership. My marketing and strategy expertise is well-suited to helping San Diego B.I.G. clarify its short and long-term objectives, and then create an actionable plan for success.  Having lived in several areas of the U.S., I’ve had the opportunity to play beach volleyball in many parts of the country and I’m very grateful to have the quantity and quality of volleyball courts here in San Diego County, particularly in Mission Beach. It’s my desire to provide others the same opportunity to enjoy this sport in the best possible settings.
    If elected, I look forward to working with our board members to help B.I.G. achieve long term success, as well as planning and executing top-quality, memorable beach events for all of us.  I encourage each of you to take time to vote for our San Diego B.I.G. leadership, and I hope to have your continued involvement and support as we move forward.  See you at the beach!

Social/Event Directors: Responsible for coordinating social events for players. High energy personality a plus.

Heather Evans
- Bottom line, I want to grow the game. I want fans. I want a successful pro tour that won't go bankrupt every decade. I want people happy in South Mission. Working with San Diego BIG may allow me to do just that. From coordinating events to fundraising to teaching the sport to relaying messages from the pro world to ordering equipment, I can be a very valuable asset to the program.
Brady Dinnsen - I am a San Diego native who grew up between the beaches of La Jolla and Mission Beach. I currently live in South Mission Beach on Cohasset Ct. I have played many sports growing up and still do, but beach volleyball has always been top priority. I have participated as an indoor player/coach through all levels of the sport, but now I play on the beach in all types of tournaments from fun co-ed games to serious CBVA. 

Secretary: Responsible for keeping records of Board actions and assuring that corporate records are maintained. 

Treasurer: Assist in the preparation of the budget, help develop fundraising plans, and make financial information available to Board members and the public.

Gary BGary Blum -  I have lived in MB for 27 years and have played beach volleyball for about 12 years.  I am mechanically inclined, have great tools, and would be more likely to tear something apart and fix it, than buy a new one.  I think I could provide good maintenance of the courts. One pet peeve of mine are the pits. I would like to see a better job of regularly filling in the pits. The current methodology for dealing with that problem doesn't work well.  Even when the courts are dragged every year of so, the pits are still there when they're done with the job.

On the financial side, I have a BS in Finance from SDSU. I've worked at UCSD for the last 12 years and currently work in the Health Sciences Controller's' Office. Prior to that I owned a 10-person convention recording business.  I think Laura nominated me for Treasurer.  If needed I can prepare budgets and financial statements.

Website: Plan and direct advertising policies and programs. Responsible for updating/maintaining the website.
Laura Hendrickson
James Romero - San Diego BIG is a great organization that has, through its hard work, helped foster a fantastic South Mission Beach volleyball community. If given the opportunity, I would love to offer my web/graphic design background (knowledgeable with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and of course WordPress) and help with San Diego BIG's website! 

Support People: Stephen Ko, Ryan McGuire, Heather Evans, Jenn Nunez

Stephen Ko
- I didn't get started regularly playing volleyball until 2007 when I joined the volleyball leagues through Vavi in Ocean Beach, but since then have become a well-networked, regular presence at South Mission Beach, playing at least an average of a few days per week for the last several years. One aspect of my strengths as a candidate is the number of connections I have to diverse groups of players. I know many people that play at SMB, but also some that play at The Pit, Ocean Beach, Moonlight Beach (Encinitas), and soon Ponto Beach(Carlsbad). I'm part of two beach volleyball groups and three different Facebook volleyball groups. I'm friends with a couple people that play at a professional level(AVP), many that play at a competitive level (CBVA), and personally play in many of the fun tournaments (BIG, Folkers, Uncle Mickey, Mexico, etc...) Not only do I play with many of them on the beach, but I hang out with many of them socially through birthday celebrations, pub crawls, house parties, and snowboarding trips.
    I also have a lot of of leadership experience. During my graduate studies I was heavily involved with the International Business Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi at San Diego State where I held the positions of President, Senior Vice President, VP for Pledge Education, and Public Relations (VP of Marketing). Over those years, our Leadership Committee led a group of anywhere from 30-60 people through a large number of successful professional, social, and finance events.
    My vision for BIG is to raise awareness and participation in the organization and to get a lot more people involved.

Promotions/Marketing: Planning marketing strategies to promote our non-profit, membership and the activities that we decide to do to raise money for our cause.
Jay DeSchaaf 
Stephen Ko

Support People: Lisa Hollister (Facebook), Jenn Nunez (Yelp, Social Media)

Lisa Hollister - As serving for 2 years is the position of community relations director, voluntarily for SD BIG, I have a great foundation for this position. I have great networking skills, as well a connections with various different local San Diego Businesses. I have established new (current)relationships between SD BIG with partners and sponsors such as 94.9 radio, Raglan Public House, Ocean Beach Merchants' Association, and Beach Volleyball Marketing group. Merging this position with membership: Social Director, planning events for our members, at the place of businesses with our sponsors.

Equipment Manager: Responsible for planning, coordinating, purchasing, delivering and directing the operations of all equipment for effective maintenance and repair, equipment safety and equipment utilization on site at South Mission Beach.

Larry TerbellLarry Terbell - I have been assisting Laura with court maintenance for the last six years; replacing hardware, fixing cables and cracks, replacing and repairing the court lines, installing nets and cranks. I generally play volleyball on Saturday and Sunday morning on court #1-2. I usually check the condition of the courts when I am there and I like to fix things when they are broken. If elected to the position of court repair and maintenance, I will continue to help keep the courts well maintained. I believe this means replacing worn out nets, cranks, lines, cables, and painting the poles every 3-5 years. It is important to keep enough nets, lines and cranks in stock. In 2007, some of the nets and cranks were completely worn out but there were no new nets or cranks to replace the old ones. Eventually donations came in to purchase a few nets and cranks. Right now, court # 11 has a crank that is completely rusted out but we have no new cranks in stock. I believe the primary function of SanDiegoBIG is the volleyball courts and we need to raise enough funds to maintain the courts and keep supplies in stock. I can seek assistance from Bert Collins, if necessary, since he is a better net mechanic than I am and I know that he has been involved with maintaining these courts for a very long time.


The following job positions will be instated after our Board of Directors is established and we decide as a group whether we will hold activities and events for our members.

Events Director
Responsible for overseeing the organization's fundraising/volleyball events and other activities.

Responsible for submitting required paperwork and funds for each event while ensuring we have the
correct licenses and insurances.

Responsible for set up/tear down each event

Tournament/Clinic Director
Greet teams as they arrive, distribute tournament rules and schedule. Manage tournament schedule
throughout the day. Track scores and standings. Determine special awards. Preside over awards

Player Relations
Responsible for player check in, waivers, surveys

Responsible for coordinating the food vendors

Community Relations
Responsible for identifying the major groups that interact with BIG, identify partnership opportunities
and eyes and ears of the community.

If you are interested in being more involved and being on our team to help shape the future, please contact us today at


Look around. We can all find ways to help our community be a better place. San Diego Beach Improvement Group focuses on the beach volleyball and outdoor basketball courts at South Mission Beach. Take a moment to review our job positions and see how you can get involved.

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