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The mission for San Diego BIG is to give back to our community through beach volleyball, beach clean ups and giving people opportunities to get work experience in non-profit organization, event planning and beach clean ups.

Some people have the priveledge of growing up on the beach, others come to visit it annually. There is something about the beach that cleanses our souls and revives us. Help keep this wonderful attribute of San Diego stay beautiful and give back. Please visit OUR PROJECTS and donate to keep these amenities ready for you to enjoy when you come to the beach.
San Diego Beaches run from Oceanside to Imperial Beach past Coronado. There are
many areas that are visited by thousands of people on an annual basis. Currently we are focused on our efforts at South Mission Beach, the sports equipment there and keeping our beach clean.

Through community input and involvement, San Diego Beach Improvement Group will bring people and resources together to enhance, beautify and revitalize the beach experience.

Currently we are focused on maintaining the sports equipment at South Mission Beach, specifically the 14 beach volleyball courts and the basketball court. It is our goal to do a great job with this facility and build our non profit with a strong board of directors and volunteers.

We love to have fun at the beach, so please come to a MEETING or check out OUR PEOPLE to see how you can help us build our non profit.

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